Learn Lymphedema Care, Lymphedema Education, Lymphedema Therapy from Klose Lymphedema Training Institute, Lymphedema Certification Courses May 5, 2011
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e-Integrative Lymphedema Certification Course

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) & Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)
Course Description:
This 135-hour course combines a 45-hour internet-based home-study program with 90 hours of classroom (lab) instruction.

Most of the didactic lessons are available online and can be completed at the student’s own pace. Because the required home-study program must be completed before the classroom instruction begins, therapists participating in our class are encouraged to register at least four weeks prior to the start of the course.

About CDT:
CDT is the most successful treatment for chronic extremity lymphedema. Primary and secondary (e.g. post-mastectomy) lymphedema and other related conditions respond extremely well to this gentle, non-invasive and highly-effective therapy. CDT is sometimes referred to as Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy (CDP). CDT consists of the following four steps:


Klose Training-Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD):
MLD is a very gentle manual treatment which improves the function of the lymphatic system throughout the body. In the 1930s, the techniques of MLD were first introduced by Dr. Emil Vodder, PhD, MT, from Denmark. MLD is widely recognized in the United States as a treatment for many pathologies including post-surgical swelling, post-traumatic edema (e.g. sports injuries), migraine headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. MLD is further used to promote general relaxation and for cleansing (detoxification) of the skin and superficial fascia. In lymphedema therapy, MLD is used to re-route the lymph flow around blocked areas into healthy lymph vessels which drain into the venous circulation.

Compression Therapy:

Compression therapy, through the use of multi-layered bandages, increases the tissue pressure and is applied between treatments to prevent the re-accumulation of evacuated fluid. Compression therapy also increases the efficiency of the muscle and joint pump and is used until the limb is sufficiently decongested and ready to be fitted for compression garments.
Klose Training-Compression Therapy
Klose Training-Exercise for Lymphedema

Exercises, with the bandages in place, are performed to activate the muscle and joint pumps of the affected extremity. This results in an increase in lymphokinetic activity and, over time, in further reduction of the swollen limb.

Skin Care:

Skin care and general hygiene are essential to eliminate bacterial and fungal growth, either of which can cause repeated attacks of cellulitis or erysipelas. Infections are very common complications of lymphedema, therefore meticulous skin and nail care is vital.
Location and Dates:
See KTC Course Schedule

Course Topics:

Online (Home Study) Program
• Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the lymphatic system
• Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of lymphedema
• Introduction to MLD
• Introduction to lymphedema bandaging and compression therapy
• Indications and contraindications of MLD and CDT
• Exercises for patients with lymphedema
• Patient evaluation and weekly measuring (circumference and volume)   
Classroom (Lab) Topics:
• Basic and advanced techniques and sequences of MLD (Vodder technique)   
• Treatment of primary and secondary extremity lymphedema    
• Treatment of head and neck, genital and pediatric lymphedema   
• Lymphedema bandaging techniques for upper and lower extremities   
• Skin and nail care for patients with lymphedema   
• Measuring and fitting techniques for lymphedema support garments   
• Home maintenance and self-treatment for lymphedema   
Course Objectives:
Each participant will be trained in the four components of Complete Decongestive Therapy. Upon completion of the class, the therapist will be able to differentiate between a variety of peripheral edemas, as well as understand the application, medical indications, and contraindications for MLD and CDT. The therapist will be able to establish a CDT treatment plan for individuals with primary and secondary lymphedema and perform the treatment for lymphedema accordingly.
Course Materials:
The following items are included in the tuition and are given to each participant prior to, during and after their training. 
• Textbook of Lymphology by Profs. M. and E. Foeldi (optional)  
• Course Study Manual divided into 15 individual sections   
• Lymphedema Bandaging Materials for upper and lower extremities   
• Lymphatic System Posters (set of three)    
• Manual Lymph Drainage DVD  
• Genital Lymphedema Treatment DVD    
• Limb Volume Calculation Software (CD)   
• Reference Manual containing more than 25 relevant journal articles (CD-ROM)  
• Elvarex Training Manual  
• Free Internet Therapist Directory Listing  
• Samples, brochures and catalogs from many companies who support patients with lymphedema  
• Measuring tapes and more...  
Instructors vary according to location. See our KTC Faculty page
for a complete listing of Klose Training Instructors.
Class Times:
A total of 135 hours of instruction is provided in this MLD/CDT Certification course; 90 hours of classroom instruction is given over a 9-day period. Usual class hours are: Friday - Saturday (of the following week) 8:00am - 7:00pm. In addition, the completion of the 45-hour Online Home Study is mandatory prior to the start of the lab portion of the course.
Online Lymphedema Home Study:
The Online Lymphedema Home Study will be made available and must be completed prior to the class. This portion of the training consists of an Online Module, a Home-Study Course Manual, a DVD about the treatment of lymphedema and a Reference Manual on a CD-ROM (pdf documents) with assigned readings. Forty-five (45) hours of home study and the completion of several online quizzes are expected of each student prior to the first day of class. The Online Lymphedema Home Study will provide an opportunity for each student to develop a more extensive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system and will facilitate the smooth entry into and progression of the training.
This course is offered to all Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Athletic Trainers Certified, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Practical Nurses, Massage Therapists*.

*Massage therapists must show proof of completion of a minimum 500 hours training program or be certified through the NCBTMB.
The total tuition for the course is $2700.00 (full certification). A deposit of $700.00 is required at the time of registration and will hold your spot until the total amount is due three (3) weeks prior to the first day of class. For our refund and cancellation policy, please refer to the
student agreement.

Please contact our office for information on discounts and payment plans.
Please click here to
print the registration form or to register online.
Student Agreement:
The following student agreement must be signed and submitted before the commencement of class.
Certificate/Continuing Education Credits (CEUs):
135 Contact Hours are available for Physical, Occupational and Massage Therapists. Contact hours are approved for LANA certification. For more information
Click Here.
LANA Certification Exam:
This course meets the educational requirements to sit for the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) exam. For more information on the LANA exam, visit
ection & Accommodations:
Directions and suggested accommodations will be provided with your confirmation packet. Course location details can also be accessed from the KTC Schedule by clicking on the location name of the course. You may also contact our office toll free at 866-621-7888 or email us at info@klosetraining.com.

Student Testimonials:
"Chris answered all of my questions. I feel prepared to provide very good treatment and confident to perform CDT. I feel that I now have skills to problemsolve unusual cases."
"Chris' strength as a teacher comes from his day-to-day hands-on experience. This is sometimes missing with instructors who don't currently work in the field. He addressed questions as they came up, clarifying and helping us through the process."
"Great course overall. The format worked well."
"Pre-class prep was an excellent way to prepare for science and pathology."
"I learned a great deal in this class. It was helpful to combine the at-home learning with the review of material in class."
"Chris was always approachable for help and questions. Very good instruction."    Seattle, Washington2010  
"Linda is a very positive, high energy instructor. Excellent teacher."
"Linda is a master at bridging classroom theory and real-life circumstances!"
"I can't say enough good things about Linda and how her abilities helped me learn quickly."
"Linda was a fantastic instructor. She always had time to answer questions and wouldn['t move on until everyone understoon. She really wanted each student to succeed."
"Excellent and dynamic instructor! Class time flew by with her kind, patient, approachable and encouraging attitude."
"Linda is an excellent instructor. She was very knowledgeable and caring. Couldn't ask for better."
"The instructor was excellent. She presented good scenarios and followed up with good constructive criticisms."
"Linda communicates very well. She kept class on task and was very professional and knowledgeable."
"I have been provided an abundant amount of resources and references for the treatment of lymphedema. I feel confident to treat patients.This course met and surpassed all of my expectations."
"Linda did such an outstanding job teaching the course. I feel so fortunate to have had the ewxperience to learn from her. She has a wonderful personality and good sense of humor that made the class fun. I liked how she incorporated her own personal experiences into her teaching, which helpedapply the information. She was approachable with questions and encouraging with her feedback. It was clear she is passionate about her work and cares for her patients."
"I have very much enjoyed taking this course. Linda is an excellet instructor and I feel that she made this learning process very smooth. This course exceeded my expectations. I would definitely reccomend it to others."    Chicago, Illinois 2010  
"This was a great class. I'm excited to get back in the clinic and immediately apply what I have learned here. I liked the mix of lecture and lab."
"I loved this course and it's the best money I've ever spent investing in my career."
"I was able to connect techniques with my clients and know that I will adapt many of my techniques and sessions based on what I have learned in this class. Thank you, Klose, for helping me enhance my skills!"
"Thank you for nine great days--I learned so much! I appreciate the laid-back style and low stress of testing and practical portions. We had plenty of time for practice of MLD and bandage applicaitons. I definitely feel prepared to go back to my clinic and treat based on the knowledge I have gained from this class."
"The case-study work was very helpful."
"Guenter is the most patient and kind teacher. He is an expert in this field and I feel honored to have learned from him. He has this course well organized and thoroughly teaches to his students."
"The online portion of the class let me go at my own pace, which enabled me to get a better understanding of the material. I was pleased that I remembered so much information."     Red Bank, New Jersey 2010  
"Jan is an excellent instructor--She created a very laid-back environment that was conducive to learning; she was open to ideas of practitioners already working with lymphedema and gave excellent feedback."
"Chris was a very approachable instructor and a great presenter."
"Jan was such a wonderful instructor: really good at making sure everyone understood everything and allowed for professional dialogue and discussion."
"The Course was very well done and interesting."
"It was a joy to be taught by Jan. As a newcomer to MLD, she made things very clear and was so helpful."
"Jan made this an amazing learning experience for me."
"Excellent teaching skills--Jan explained the course very well and was very happy to explain until I was able to fully understand the issue."
"Jan was awesome--She made me feel very comfortable learning even in a class with a lot of experienced lymphedema therapists. She made sure I understood and didn't get behind."
"The instructors had great practical and clinical setting advice."
"Chris provided excellent review and insight--he was open to student questions and worked hard to make sure we understood everything."    St. Louis, Missouri 2010
“Great class–I learned a lot and I'm very excited to integrate it into my practice. I will be back for more Klose courses!  The learning material was comprehensive and very useful. Jodi was a great, wonderful, witty instructor.”  
“Jodi has a calm, relaxed teaching style--she understood that the skill level of a new student on Day 1 will certainly change and improve by Day 8/9. She was encouraging, yet firm in her correction of manual/bandaging techniques; this allowed for improved learning and helped motivate me personally to try harder, pay attention, and improve my skills. Good job!” 
“Jodi is a true asset to this program with all of her knowledge, experience, and clinical applications. She is clear and her instruction in both lectures and practical application of MLD and bandaging. Her great analogies really cleared up questions.” 
“Jodi was very patient with me and made it a point to answer all my questions and concerns.”  
“Guenter was very knowledgeable and approachable with an easy, relaxed style. I like that he constantly looks for ways to improve the program and how it is taught.”  
“I enjoyed that Mr. Klose stayed after class to help me.”  
“Guenter was very patient and knowledgeable with a great wealth of expertise–and he communicates so clearly!” 
The lectures in the home study allowed me to review often and take more comprehensive notes.”  
“This class was intense, but fun! It opened up a whole new world of therapy for me. I am so excited to apply these new skills in the clinic–actually excited to get back to work to use them!”     Santa Monica, California 2010